About SweetLand Farm

We are 1 small family, on 1 small farm, with 1 BIG passion!

Our family began this journey years ago when we wanted to become more self-sufficient while putting healthier food into our bodies.  We wanted to go back to the days of eating food the way it was intended to be eaten- clean, fresh, and junk-free.

Our first step towards a healthier lifestyle came in 2006 when we began to mill our own grain in order to make homemade bread.  After seeing noticeable changes in our health, we were encouraged to take another step towards healthy living.

Next, we purchased 25 hens.  We felt good about the eggs our family was eating because we knew the care that was given to the animals, the lack of antibiotics and hormones, and the diet they were provided.

Now that we had bread and eggs, we needed milk and cheese.  Nigerian dwarf dairy goats (and later added the best Alpines available!)  were the next addition to our little family farm.  I began taking cheese classes in order to learn more advanced techniques.  We began sharing our milk and cheese with friends and word began to spread.

In 2011 while on vacation, we stopped in a little soap store.  I fell in love the moment I walked in the store.  The soap was “real” soap, not the overly scented soaps you find in most retail stores.  It was simple and fresh.  I found myself feeling completely peaceful while perusing the store.  I knew this would be the next step for our farm.

Upon returning home, I got to work learning to make soap using the milk from our own goats.  The outcome was more lovely than I could have imagined.  I loved creating soaps free of harsh chemicals, knowing I was caring for my family in the soaps I was creating.

Through this journey, Sweetland Farm just happened.  It just came naturally to us, and we want to bring it naturally to you.

We love what we do at Sweetland Farm.  We are passionate about our animals and take the absolute best care of them because we are serving them to our own family.  I am passionate about learning, always attempting to find a better solution.  I have a love for food and it shows in the foods and products we raise and produce here at the farm.